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Architectural Scale Models

Physical model building is a timeless art. Unlike computer modeling, clients appreciate physical models for the ease with which they can control viewpoints. The three dimensionality of the physical model increases understanding and helps reduce design flaws.

Physical models are also ideal for quick study models. They are useful for a variety of purposes, such as light studies, site context studies, interior space planning, color studies & full scale mock-ups.

Using your drawings (plans & elevations at a minimum), we can create a three dimensional scaled representation of your design. Some examples of models we have built can be seen here.


architectural model

Model Finishing

Already have a model? We also offer services in model finishing and refurbishing. We can take your existing model and paint it, modify it, provide a base and even build detailed landscaping around it. Adding site context and landscaping greatly increases the realism and value of an architectural model.



Budget for architectural models from the very beginning, when you're drafting your proposal. The model will aid in design comprehension and may even prevent design mistakes, so consider it a part of the design process. In some cases, it may reduce costly design changes later in the project.

The Whole Package

To make your presentation complete, we also provide general wood working, graphics and drafting services. Let us know what you hope to accomplish and we'll tell you how we can help you meet that goal.


Advanced Modelworks Services: Architectural Scale Models, 3D Prototypes, 3D Printing, Honolulu, HI

Advanced Modelworks specializes in creating architectural scale models and 3D prototypes for architects, developers, and inventors.

Advanced Modelworks Services: Architectural Scale Models, 3D Prototypes, 3D Printing, Honolulu, HI

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